Siena, Italy

We offer unique travel packages and cater specifically to individuals, small groups, professionals, and the educational community.  Our student tours are designed to leverage the travel experience and bring the curriculum content to a higher dimension. School itineraries are prepared by school administrators with many years of experience in curriculum development, administration/corporate, and student group travel. Our school tours are directed and guided by qualified educators. Our summer tours can be custom tailored and dovetailed with any approved Ontario credit courses so that students can doubly benefit by partaking in a marvellous travel experience and gain credits towards their high school diploma at the same time. Our March-Break courses can also be mated with specific learning outcomes (face-to-face instruction, blended learning, or full eLearning mode) and  scaffold desired curricula.

Our group travel products are custom-tailored and directly embedded in the curriculum in collaboration with teachers and administrators. In addition, we work collaboratively with teachers and administrators so that any travel experience at any level becomes an integral part of the curriculum and an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Top 5 Destinations:

  • Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Greece and Crete
  • Middle East: Israel and Jordan
  • Asia: Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam
  • Canada: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Maritime Provinces
  • USA: New York, Chicago, Washington