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  • USA: Coastal California & Big Sur: Features San Francisco, Monterey and more
  • Scenic Seattle, Portland and Oregon Coast: 8 Days I Features Seattle, Astoria, Portland and more
  • Best of the Canyonlands: 7 Days I Features Denver, Moab, Monument Valley and more
  • Journey Along the Civil Rights Trail: 9 Days I Features Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta and more
  • Scenic Parks Explorer: 15 Days I Features Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and more
  • Welcome to Colorado: 10 Days I Features Boulder, Aspen, Mesa Verde and more
  • EUROPE: 13 Days I Features Isle of Capri, Assisi, Florence and more
  • Best of Portugal: 11 Days I Features Lisbon, Algarve, Porto and more
  • Best of Greece: 8 Days I Features Athens, Olympia, Meteora and more
  • Great Italian Cities: 10 Days I Features Rome, Florence, Venice and more
  • Best of France: 13 Days I Features Paris, Lyon, Avignon and more
  • Great Italian Cities:
  • Scandinavian Northern Lights: 10 Days I Features Helsinki, Kiruna, Stockholm and more

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